F18 Raid Worlds – Charter boot beschikbaar

Beste F18 Zeilers,

Wil je deelnemen aan de F18 Raid Worlds / Stockholm Archipelago Raid maar je hebt geen boot tot je beschikking?
Zie dan onderstaande bericht van de Zweedse F18 Class Organisation. 

75 days to the F18 Raid Worlds aka Stockholm Archipelago Raid. It will be the same concept as previous years – amazing sailing through the 36 000 Islands and rocks followed by sauna, great food and drinks in the evenings. This year the event will be filmed and broadcasted by Nautical Channel in 42 countries and by Hamnen.se online each day.

There is now a unique opportunity to charter an F18. One Nacra fr.o.m. 2006 in good condition, ready to sail located in Saltsjöbaden close to the start. Possibly also a Capricorn fr.o.m. 2005 will be available. The cost will be about 850 Euro.

Contact info@stockholmarchipelagoraid.com asap for more information or see F18 International on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/157259664370445/

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